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Night Guards

Custom made night guard is actually a solution the dentists found out for teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is very hazardous and painful to your long-term dental health. Night guards are made by a professional dental lab and not by dentists. The dentist takes the impression of the patient’s teeth and then send the result over to the dental lab. The dental lab takes care of the entire fabrication process using the impression and delivers the professionally made custom dental night guard to the dentist’s clinic.

Bruxism, also known as grinding or clenching of your teeth is a very common condition which affects more than 40 million children in the US alone. Rhythmic contractions of the jaw muscles, grinding sound at night, long-lasting pain in the face, tight and painful jaw muscles, and swelling on the side of the lower jaw are the symptoms which you may experience. So the bruxism which affects many people and is a common condition in the US. There are several ways to alleviate all the effects of teeth grinding. The most common of all, which the dentist may recommend will be the night guard. It is an alliance which is worn by the patient while sleeping at night and is available without a prescription at most pharmacies. To use this appliance, you simply boil it and let it cool for some time and then bite gently into it to shape it your teeth.

Night guards are also available at the dentist’s clinic. Guards available at the dentist will be of superior quality as they are made in a dental lab using the impression of your mouth. All this will be done by a dental professional. This can be more expensive when compared with the one that can be purchased over the counter but will be more comfortable to wear. Night guards can be purchased anywhere according to your need but the main function of a night guard is to prevent the surfaces of the teeth from grinding together.

The material with which the night guards are made of depends on the type which you have. An over the counter night guard is usually made of hard or soft plastic. There are several options for the custom made night guards. The heat-cured acrylic resin which is a hard, clear plastic material is used in the production of hard ones whereas the soft ones are made from the heat-contoured laminate material. There is another option which is a dual laminate material which soft laminate on the inside and hard acrylic on the outside.